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Jsoning - A simple key-value JSON-based persistent lightweight database.✨


✨ A simple key-value JSON-based lightweight database. ✨

Jsoning is a simplified wrapper for Node.js that lets you write and read data to and from JSON files. It's designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to use, with a simple API that makes it easy to get started with. It's perfect for small projects, prototyping, and learning how to work with databases.


  • Use existing JSON files to read and write key-value pairs
  • EventEmitters to listen to changes in the database
  • Atomic file writing to prevent data corruption
  • Easier to use than a toaster
  • TypeScript support for all the fixed-type addicts out there


Node.js v16.x or greater is required for this package to work.

npm i jsoning

# pnpm if you're feeling fast
pnpm i jsoning

# yarn if you're feeling fancy
yarn add jsoning
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View the full documentation here.

Basic Usage

import { Jsoning, MathOps } from 'jsoning';
const db = new Jsoning('database.json');

// Set some values with a key
await db.set('birthday', '07-aug');
await db.set('age', '13');

// Push stuff to an array for a particular key
await db.push('transformers', 'optimus prime');
await db.push('transformers', 'bumblebee');
await db.push('transformers', 'iron hide');

// Get the value of a key
console.log(await db.get('transformers')); // [ 'optimus prime', 'bumblebee', 'iron hide' ]

// Get all the values
console.log(await db.all()); // { Record<string, JSONValue> of the whole database contents }

// does such a value exist?
console.log(await db.has('value2')); // false

// My age keeps changing, so I'm deleting it
console.log(await db.delete('age')); // true

// I got $100 for my birthday
await db.set('money', 100);

// and someone gave me $200 more
await db.math('money', MathOps.Add, 200);

// Just wanna make sure how much money I got
console.log(await db.get<number>('money')); // 300

// RIP iron hide, he died
await db.remove('transformers', 'iron hide');

// I'm getting bored, so I'm clearing the whole database
await db.clear();
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javaarchive profile image

Nice way to evolve my amazingly simple json reading code for better readability.

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khaleel gibran

Thanks for the valuable feedback! This is actually my first project that has been this successful!