Hey Friends, I am writing a Tl;Dr (Too long; Didn't read) blog post about Using GraphQL on the client side.
Mainly for folks to get the information they want without getting overwhelmed with long documentation.

I have a lot in mind to write about already, like basic querying, Fragments, arguments etc... and I would like you to help me with more information.

What was the information you wished you knew when working with GraphQL and or you wished there was a better explanation for it?

I am planning to post the blog post in the next 2 days


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I would love to see a non-trivial example which motivates the use case of GraphQL. Most tutorials that I've seen seem to show a very basic query which could easily be fulfilled by any other architectural style.

My blog post will start with a basic query and evolve it each time to show case a new concept, what do you think?

That sounds like an ideal format! One of my major challenges with figuring out if I care about GraphQL enough to try to learn it has been trying to find resources on what happens beyond the beginning stages of a project using GraphQL.

I'm looking forward to it :)

Focus on the strengths: complex distributed queries, domain normalization, non-trivial projection. Also, an example which touches on multiple apis and has result dependent subqueries.

If you want to go even further, an example of how graphql can be used to avoid imposing api versioning issues on your clients by maintaining the same schema across multiple versions and handling the details in the resolver.

Authenticating your requests and some great example queries and mutations.


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How to get the types from the schema, like how to generate typescript from it. I really liked to use subscriptions.

Validation and making your own scalars

That's a great Idea but I don't think it will make it at least for this one, maybe we'll have TLDR server side.
I am trying to have a first beginner friendly and mostly client side GraphQL

Mutations are never sufficiently documented or discussed, because people either don't understand them or know they're possible at all. Including that will put you in the top 1% of graphql posts.

Routing and dealing with parameters like POST body, URI, and query parameters.

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