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Study of Html5 for Beginners - Part 1

Hey! I hope everyone is okay and doing great with their activities.
Today I am going to discuss with all the beginners who are learning about front end with html5 and css3, I am sharing some basics about html5 that may help you.

So first of all What is Html?

It is a Hypertext Markup language and the primary language for developing web pages.

Now, What is Html5, and how it is different compare to HTML?

well, the answer is Html5 is the new evolution and standard of Html that define new technologies with new functionalities with a markup language with Internet technology.
1: It defines the structure of the web page
2: It consists of a series of elements represented by tags.
3: It tells the browser how to display the content
4: Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but we use them to render the content of the page.

Basics Tag in Html5:

Tags of html5

Benefits of Html5:

1: It supports Video and audio.
2: Display clean content on the web page with the use of advanced semantics.
3:It contains storage features like Databases, application cache, and web storage.
4: This new version helps us to write descriptive and semantic code clearly.
5:It has javascript web worker API, which allows browser interface and application to run in multiple threads.

These are the 5 basic benefits of html5 but you can find more at

I will talk about the Html5 elements and will look deep into the elements and use them on our document to see how they work to manage the web page content.

Take Care, Bye Bye


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