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8 Awesome soft, airy and fluffy VSC themes

When coding I sometimes feel the need to change the aesthetics of my workspace. Why? I don't know. Maybe because it gives me a fresh look at my code. Maybe because with the seasons changing, I feel the need to lighten or darken my workspace colours. Either way, for those searching for something airy and new. Here is a list of wonderful Visual Studio Code themes that have a cozy, soft or fluffy aesthetic.

1. Noctis

Noctis is a collection of light & dark themes that have soft blends of colours with enough choice of different contrasts.

An image showing the Noctis Lilac theme

I really like the different colour schemes of this theme. Enough choice between light and dark blends, but all of them have a very forgiving look that don't strain the eyes too much.

2. Horizon

Horizon has six options to choose from, three light options and three dark options. My favourite is the Bright Bold one, because I like that contrast the best of all the light ones.

An image showing the Horizon Bright Bold theme

3. FairyFloss

The FairyFloss theme truly is one of my favourites of the bunch. Wonderful for those purple fans who like the highly saturated Shades of Purple theme but want something a little more mellow.

An image showing the FairyFloss theme

4. Soft Era

Are you willing to look at an almost white screen? Is that your thing? Then Soft Era must be the perfect theme for you. I have been using this theme mostly on days where I truly needed some more brightness in my life. But it has extremely low contrast so it is not highly productive for me.

An image showing the Soft Era theme

5. Pink Cat Boo

Pink Cat Boo is a very soft pink/maroon dark theme for those who are searching for more rose like colours in their coding life. The theme description describes it as being perfect for 'coder girls' but let's be honest, anyone can rock this theme if they feel like it ❤️.

An image showing the Pink Cat Boo theme

6. Pastel-Pixels

I mostly like the editor colours of this theme, but the sidebar and tab colours are a bit much for me for everyday use. But for those who don't care, maybe an awesome look for your editor!

An image showing the Pastel-Pixels theme

7. Panda Syntax

This has been my go-to dark theme for a year now. It has soft yet good-contrast colours and I have had many colleagues ask me which one it is.

An image showing the Panda Syntax theme

8. Bear

Bear is a single option dark theme with fall colours that are easy on the eyes.

An image showing the Bear theme

Hopefully this list might help you through the seasonal changes a bit more. What are your favourite themes? And why? Share them in the comments down below!

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