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Ayodabo Oluwatomisin
Ayodabo Oluwatomisin

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Know who you walk with

At every point in our life, we come in contact with people of different personality, belief, race, color(whites, blacks, e.t.c), ideology and many other factors(pick your own) that classify us. We make friends, acquaintances, business partners, spouse, and even foes!(you sure have one don't you?). The relationships we have and the ones we had, had in one way or the other affected us, either positively or the other way round. We learnt lessons, taught lessons, created memories, erased some, got influenced, influenced some, and many others(humans are complex you know). But, there are some people in our life whom even though may be dead, alive, close or far away, have in one way or the other made huge impacts in our life and are possibly still doing so. we do not follow people or take interest in them if we do not have something to get from them. We build relationships with people not because we just want to, but because we have a reason to. Those people we encounter, we need to be able to learn at least one good lesson which will hold their memories in our heart and help us in dealing with future acquaintances. Know your friend, know who wants you to become better than you are, know those that pull you down, know the people who stand by you and those who desert you. Know who you can boldly call a friend, a brother, a partner, a wife, a husband, a father, a mother, and a foe. "if you must build a relationship, know why you want to build it and know who you want to build it with. One of humans greatest mistakes is lack of true understanding". To be good is to have good people around you, to be great is to have great people around you, and to be successful, you need to move with successful people. meeting people is quite different from knowing them

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