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Ayodabo Oluwatomisin
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Hi! This is a written documentary about how I started with python and where I currently am.

Python, to me is like a versatile footballer that can fit into any role comfortably. I have been writing python for 3 years now and I hope to continue writing it for as long as I can. I won't bore you with too much details or too much praises for python, but I want you to know that learning python has been a great development in my life.

How did I get to know about python? My friends! Yes, my friends. Then when I was in 100Level, my first day in my department, after exchanging pleasantries, I started hearing them taking about programming and other cool stuffs which I know nothing about. Although I was pretty lost, I tried to stay relevant in the discussion by putting forward my own definition of programming, it was a pretty embarrassing moment there as I gave a secondary school definition! 😂😂😂. Thanks to my loyal friends Tobi and Tunde that took their times to explain to me what it actually mean. After that, I showed interest and I was introduced to Java, a strict no-nonsense language that gave no room for errors. I started learning using a textbook I wish to not meet again 😂. Two weeks into learning I was already tired, no mentor to put me through, afraid to ask for help from my friends, all these things coupled together dimmed my interest in programming as a whole and so, I stopped learning, instead started watching Naruto with full concentration and consistency!. Funny isn't it? I thought I could just breeze through school as a first class graduate, get a good paying job and live my best life, little did I know that what I actually need to excel is what I had run from in first semester.

Fast forward to second semester, our lovely CSC103 teacher, Dr. Aderonke Sakpere, started taking us Intro to Programming and it was Python!. This class was my first encounter with python and hearing all the wonders you can do with it. I can still remember vividly how she gives us practical test every end of the week to compliment what we've learned. I struggled to understand the concepts and performed bad on many occasion. I also felt inferior seeing my classmates doing very well especially Tobi, Emeka, Betsy, Korede, Fuhad and co. I told my self, "Tomi, you can learn this thing na, you can also do wonders with it", so I started gaining my lost interest back. Fast forward again for like one month, 30-30 challenge started, boom! The opportunity I was waiting for came at last. Surprisingly, I didn't join the challenge as I felt they moved at a very fast pace that was getting too hectic for me, so I started learning on my own, doing my own 30 days of python at my own convenient time and place. To cut the long story short sha, that's how I started learning Python and eventually I fell in love with it and from there on, it's been happily ever after for me.

Fortunately, ASUU gave me a head boost by going on a three month strike from November. It was a bittersweet moment for students as exams were approaching but also we needed a break from exvessive classes and humongous class notes!!. Through the help of Yemi, I got a tutorial on python for beginners and it came to be my most precious souvenir going home. I watched that three hours video over 10 times as it got to a stage I could tell what the instructor would say next. With the help of my big brother providing unlimited WIFI, I was able to fast track my learning process and in those three months I could write beautiful python code.

Moving on, although I could write good python code, that didn't stop me from scoring 55 in the intro to Programming course. I took it in good faith and moved on, vowing never to score anything less again. Then, the basic learning finished. I was stuck, no next thing to do, moving back and forth between tutorials I had completed, I started getting bored and tired. Fortunately also, I got to hear about Data Science, a field that allowed me to showcase my love for writing and constant talking while also pursuing my passion to learn python. I found the field as a perfect playground for me to do my best while enjoying myself to the fullest. The journey began from there on that day in the bus going from Moniya to UI, today I'm a proud Data Scientist while also pursuing a detour in Backend development.

Since I've started data science last year, I've taught other people python programming and also learnt NodeJS and Django.

This is pretty much all of my story and I hope you enjoy it!!! If you do, please like, leave a comment and share for others too. My parting message "Love what you do, for when you do so, passion sets in".

Thank you for reading!!!

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