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Ayodabo Oluwatomisin
Ayodabo Oluwatomisin

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The Road is never too long

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"- unknown
It is not suprsing to see a year old child struggling to walk or even stand. Tasks like this pose a serious challenge to them, but eventually they learn to stand, and as time goes on, they start walking. Our life achievements are also like that, they pose serious challenges and we find it hard to determine whether we wish to continue or not. We shouldn't forget, we won't be able to understand things if we don't give them attention, we won't be able to know our books if we don't read them, we won't be able to know programming if we don't start coding. "There is no way you can do anything if you don't give it a try". We hear stories of successful people and how they were able to achieve, we hear them say something like "I didn't sleep when others were", "I never knew I could until I started doing it", all these statements were not made just to make it look real, but to actually serve as a trigger to others. If you start now, you may find it hard to continue, you may even find it hard to begin!, but remember this, "no road is too far, we only need to know where exactly we are going". My ultimate advise to you is to not stop, don't stop reading that book, don't stop coding, don't stop believing, don't stop living. You are the best person to tell your story so make it a good one.

This is my first post, kindly leave your comments if you have one. Thank you very much for reading

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