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Ayodabo Oluwatomisin
Ayodabo Oluwatomisin

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Why do you learn?

"you have to saddle your dreams if you want to ride them"-Eric Douglas
Our parents sending us to school have a reason for doing so. Our parents providing for all our needs know why they're doing that, it's not because they just feel like it, but because it is their responsibility, it is their goal. You don't take math if you don't want to learn basic calculations and computations, you don't learn mandarin if you don't wish to live in China. There is always a reason for which we learn, there is always the driving force behind us furthering our studies. learning is not complete if there is no cause for it. You need to ask yourself why you are learning that JavaScript course, you need to ask yourself why are you attending that Data Science Bootcamp, because if you don't know yet, then you're still wasting your time. Ask yourself that burning question and search deep for the right answer, and when you do, trust me, you will see learning in a different light. "if you must learn, learn not for the sake of learning, but for the sake of understanding"

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