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I learned the foundations of UX design from Google and would recommend it to every designer!

Two weeks ago I finished my B. A degree at the University of Arts in Berlin as an interface designer and one week ago I decided to learn the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. This was my first blog about my first day in the training and my impressions.

I want to share with you:

  • what I liked the most
  • What I learned
  • why I recommend it to others

What I liked most:

The best part of the course for me where it was about accessibility! That's one thing that so many designers and so many developers don't pay attention to. And I think it's somehow part of the design ethic. You don't design for one group because they are the majority and not pay attention to the others because they are not!

Designer should do like the bus driver in Berlin. If the driver sees that there is someone who is on chair then he opens the door for him first and then for others! that's how it should be. Let's include everyone and not design things that only affect the majority!

Elise Roy Accessibility & Inclusive Design Lead at Google said about this, "It should be a normal part of your development process. It shouldn't be an add-on. It should be considered from the beginning."

What I also really liked in the course, the part where it talks about difference between equity and equality and also the part by Catherine Courage, Vice President of User Experience at Google where it talks about overcoming impostor syndrome.

what did I learn:
Here is the content, for the course, which is divided into 4 weeks. (I did it all in one week)

Week 1:

  • Identify and compare the disciplines within UX.
  • Identify the factors that contribute to a good user experience design
  • Review the common tasks of entry-level UX designers
  • Review teams that UX designers frequently work with
  • Explain how UX design jobs are impacted by company size and industry
  • Explore job opportunities after completing the program
  • Define the field of UX and explain its importance to consumers and businesses

Week 2:

  • Define common terms used in UX design
  • Describe user-centered design
  • Explain common design frameworks
  • Understand equity-focused design
  • Describe the importance of accessibility in the design process
  • Describe the importance of the Next Billion Users in UX design
  • Explain the benefits of using design tools
  • Identify common UX design tools
  • Explain how UX designers think across platforms


  • Describe the phases of a design sprint
  • Explain the importance of design sprints
  • Plan a design sprint
  • Explain the role of an entry-level UX designer during a design sprint
  • Describe the importance of retrospectives after design sprints

Week 4:

  • Describe a UX design portfolio
  • Create an online portfolio to showcase UX design work
  • Recognize the fundamentals of a good portfolio
  • Apply storytelling and branding elements to a UX design portfolio
  • Apply proven writing methods to a UX design portfolio
  • Explain how to build a professional design presence online
  • Create or update professional profiles on social media
  • Join and participate in online UX communities
  • Explain impostor syndrome and how to overcome it
  • Explore strategies for reaching out to potential mentors
  • Discuss best practices for building a professional network

Why I recommend it to others:

I find the course very easy to understand, and you can always expand your knowledge by reading from other resources. I'm very satisfied so far, and I'm very excited about the rest.

I have always read a lot aside the course. Here are articles that I would recommend to others:

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Here is my certificate that I got today! There are 6 more parts in the training until I finish it, and I keep trying to get it all done in 100 days!

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Ogurinka Benjamin

Currently taking the course and it's so beautiful. I'll recommend it too