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I started learning UX design from Google, and here are my impressions of DAY1!

I started the Google UX Design course in Coursera. My goal is to finish this in 100 days. I'm so impressed with how good it is. I finished the course material for the first week today. And here is my review of it!

Before I start the course, I read on Coursera that over 50K people have registered for the course and I wanted to know more about the first impressions of the participants, but unfortunately after searching on the internet, I couldn't find a lot.

So I decided to start the course myself to get an idea of what it is like. And since I have been impressed after the first day, I thought I'd share it here to motivate others and myself too!

Here are my first impressions of the course:

  • You will get almost everything twice and you need to understand the things well!
  • It's varied between video, reading, and assignments.
  • You will get questions while you are watching videos. This is a very good way to make sure that the learner understands what is being said, but also to make you watch the videos with attention!

What also impressed me very much are the videos of the employees at google! And especially of Juan! The person who decided to show a profile of an employee who comes from a small village and today is an employee at google, although he doesn't speak perfect English, is Smart! And that gives a very good image about google as an employer!

I find the content for the first week incredibly important! I look around me all the time and I always ask myself the question, is this useable, equitable, enjoyable, and useful?

I could notice in the last hours very much to first time, I find, is very good exercise to make every day that with an app/website/product and compares with another one that offers the same service!

From the material for the first week you will learn:

  • The product development life cycle
  • Jobs in the field of user experience
  • types of companies that hire UX designers

I will report every day about my daily process on twitter, you can follow me there if you are interested.

Otherwise, I will blog here at least once every week!

here are articles I have read today and would like to recommend to read:

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Jason Beecher

I am thinking about taking this course but I have no background and would be a total newbie career change. Do you think someone could get a job after taking this course?

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Manav Misra

Not likely just from a course. But, it's a start! Gotta implement some of your stuff for portolio though too.

kiromousa profile image
kiro mousa

Yes!! it's made for people who are starting from scratch and have no design background!
I would recommend it for you!