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Cloudflare workers Continuous Deployment with Github Actions

In the previous post I went through using Cloudflare's wrangler tool to set up Clouflare Workers using a config as code approach. This approach needed to be run from a local machine. While this allows changes to be tracked in version control it leaves room for what's running and what's in version control to be out of sync.

A better solution is to have changes pushed into the main branch automatically deployed into the production environment.

This post will go through taking the example from the previous post and setting it up to deploy to Cloudflare on each push to the main branch. I will do this using Github Actions.

Cloudflare have provided a base action that can be used to deploy workers from Github Actions.

To get this functioning I'll add a new file to the repository. .github/workflows/buildAndDeploy.yml. This file will include the following text taken from the actions readme.

name: buildAndDeployWorker
on: push
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Deploy
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Publish
        uses: cloudflare/wrangler-action@1.3.0
          apiToken: ${{ secrets.CF_API_TOKEN }}
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The ${{ secrets.CF_API_TOKEN }} subs in a secret value that needs to be provided in the Github API. Before I can put that into Github I have to get it from Cloudflare.

To create a new token I need to:
Log in to Cloudflare, open the workers tab and then select Manage Workers.

Open workers management console

Select API tokens.

Select API Tokens

Create a new API token

Create a new token

Start with the cloudflare workers template

Use the workers template

Give the token a meaningful name

meaningful name

Limit the resources the token has to my account and the saladsimulator zone.
Limit the token to your account and zome

Continue to the summary
Continue to summary

And create the token
Create the token

Now Cloudflare will display the API token. Once this page is closed the token is gone so I need to immediately copy it into Github. (I can re-run through the steps above to generate a new one if I need to.)

Cloudflare secret display

Over in github I've opened the settings tab and secrets section.
Add new secret section

And added my secret copied from Cloudflare
Add secret

Now when I push the action code it runs and deploys to Cloudflare

Successful actions build

The logs show the successful deployment output from wrangler.

Downloading release from
wrangler has been installed!
+ @cloudflare/wrangler@1.19.3
added 22 packages from 9 contributors in 2.082s
 No build command specified, skipping build.
 Successfully published your script to* => stayed the same
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Artem Zakharchenko

Thank you for explaining how to create the API token!

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