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Khaled Nassar
Khaled Nassar

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SQL inection on

Hi, this blog about SQL Injection in Allowed me to Dump all database

Full POC :

when I'm visiting this domain I've found something

First: this domain has been used an old version of Joomla CMS

let's scan it using the joomscan tool for dumping all pieces of information about Joomla (plugins, version, etc..)

All results :

Joomla Version: 3.1
Plugins: JCK Editor (6.4.4)
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searching for JCK Editor in
and I've found this exploit
let's exploit it :D

Worked ..!
you can see the version of the database :D

this is the time of SQLMAP Tool

$ sqlmap -u '' --level=5 --risk=3 --random-agent --technique=U -p parent --batch --current-db --current-user
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you can see the current user and the name of the database :)
After dumping all databases using the --all option and unencrypt the password of the admin account let's login in admin panel


You can see this video about this bug

Thanks ;0

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Swindles McCoop

Thanks for sharing, this is pretty cool