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My first review of a standing desk🧍🖥️

It's been over 6 months since I first started working with a standing desk.

Here is a review of what I thought.

Why I started using it 🤔

I've been working from home every day since the coronavirus happend, and my back has been gradually hurting because of all the sitting I do.

I read a book called "The Healthy Programmer", which says that sitting all the time is not good for the human body.

Alt Text

So, I decided to try to use a standing desk.

What I bought it 🛒

I bought the following.

It's a desk top type, so I can use the same desk I've been using.

Alt Text

The height of the desk can be raised and lowered by the gas pressure method. It is easy to operate as all you have to do is raise the lever on the side.

Alt Text

This is a view of the laptop (Macbook Pro 13inch), display (P2720DC), keyboard and mouse in place. It's pretty crowded, but it's stable and there's no problem to use it.

Alt Text

Here is a shot of me working in the environment. It's quite good.

Alt Text

My impressions 💭

Here are some of the good and bad points I have found in using it so far.

Good for a change of pace 🙆

When I get bored or sleepy, I can instantly switch to the standing position.

It's good for a change of pace.

My back pain has decreased 😀

I noticed that my back pain has been decreasing.

I don't have any evidence, but maybe I spent less time sitting, which reduced the strain on my back.

My legs become painful 😓

If I work standing for a long time, my feet will become very sore.

I need to try not to use it for too long, or utilize the goods described below to reduce the burden on my legs.

It's pretty tiring 💦

I'm just standing there, but I'm more tired than I thought I would be.

When I do standing work for many hours a day, my body gets wrapped up in fatigue in the evening and I fall asleep early at night.

I think that might be enough exercise for me.

Items I use with the standing desk ⚙️

slippers 👟

I bought a pair of slippers with a cushion. This may have the effect of reducing the strain on my feet.

Alt Text

balance board 🟤

I bought this balance board from Amazon.

I feel that my body balance and posture will improve when I work while riding the balance board. It is very tiring though, so I use it sometimes.

Alt Text

massage ball 🎾

I have been loving these massage balls lately.

I put this on the floor and roll it around on the soles of my feet as I work. It feels really good and makes my feet feel better than just standing there.

Alt Text

The end 🏁

This is cost effective and I think I made a good purchase👍

In the future, I would like to measure the effects of standing discs on the body. I'm not sure the specifics of how to do that, so if you have any good ideas, please let me know😅

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