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kobissaint profile image Udoma Oghenekobiruo Clement ・1 min read

Please I need guide on how to achieve this task
A training school that provides training classes for different units of an organization wishes to automate enrolment for her classes. The school should be able to set up different classes, set date and period for the classes, and set maximum number of participants than can enroll for the classes. Staff of the organization should be able to enroll for any of the training classes. To enroll a user must sign in to the portal, view all available classes and then register for classes of choice. The system administrator should be able to create users, create training classes and create venues. Deletion and updating of classes should be done by the admin. All users should be able to view all training classes created. If a user wishes to register for a class, he/she proceeds to login page before given such access. Design and develop a Web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for the training school based on the requirement above.

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This seems to be a homework project. There are many examples of similar implementations, just google it. If after that you have any specific question, please ask, but don't expect people do your job.

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Udoma Oghenekobiruo Clement Author

I don't expect anyone to do my work. I am only asking for guide and materials to help me accomplish the tasks. Thanks for your response ☺