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Apple M1 MacBook App Installation Guide

kodebae profile image KodeBae Updated on ・2 min read

If you're a Mac lover and developer like me I bet you just assumed that the new M1 chip was compatible with your developer lifestyle. Well if you have tried to install Homebrew recently you learned that we were sadly mistaken in assuming the new M1 chip was out-of-the-box developer-friendly but, fret not. Follow my instructions below and you should be up and running in no time at all.

Let it be known that you will 100% need to install Rosetta2 before you can install Homebrew. And you should also know that Homebrew will be the easiest way to install Intel apps on your machine. The reason you will need to install Rosetta2 first is that Rosetta2 will allow you to run the Intel apps on your computer. At the time of writing this post, M1 Macs do not run Intel apps on their own. I will link an article for you directly below that gives detailed instructions on how to install Rosetta2 on your machine.

Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT try to install Homebrew before you install Rosetta2. Side note this install might take a while. So pour a cup of coffee and wait.

How To Install Rosetta2

Now that you installed Rosetta2, you will need to follow the steps in the video directly below to install Homebrew. Please note that I did follow the steps in the video, but I did not use the audited script provided by the YouTuber. I will post the command I used below instead. One more thing, this one WILL for sure take a while. So pull up a chair, and wait.

How To Install Homebrew

My Script To Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

NOTE: Why didn't I use the audited script provided in the Youtuber's description? I did try to use it, but it just didn't work for me. So I used the line of code posted above that a fellow developer sent to me. Once I got Homebrew installed I first used it to install Python3. To do that I entered the following commands into the terminal one at a time.

brew doctor *(return)

brew search python3 *(return)

brew install python3 *(return)

Python installed fine for me after that. THERE you have it! You're Homebrew should be ready to install whatever you need it to now. So do you still need more help setting up the rest of your packages? Then watch the videos below next. The videos will walk you through the rest of the M1 Macbook setup.

More Videos: I have a few more resources for you to install even more Intel apps on your machine. Just skip the lengthy intros, unless you like that sort of thing. ;)

M1 Setup for Software Engineering

How To Install Intel Apps M1 Mac

**(waves bye)

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James Robert Perih

PERFECT! Thank you! This helped me get started straight away on the M1 MacBook Air, without having to deal with Big Sur Intel Homebrew shenanigans! Keep rockin it!

kodebae profile image
KodeBae Author

Thank you so much James! <3 More to come soon. :)

johanr profile image
Johan Ruiz

Helped a lot! Recently upgraded and this was my guide to getting Homebrew up and running again, cheers!

kodebae profile image
KodeBae Author

Awe, thank you so much! I have another video I'm going to share that also helped me get more stuff installed as well. I'll update the post.

sveinbjorn profile image
Sveinbjorn Palsson

Homebrew just installed on my m1, natively, without any hiccups. I guess I'm in the future :)

kodebae profile image
KodeBae Author

Yes you are in the future. 🙂 Either that or maybe they fixed the instillation issues already.

kodebae profile image
KodeBae Author

I updated the blog with more videos on installing more intel apps on an M1 Mac.