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The Mobile Developer

I started learning to code with my mobile device (Android) 2017 and it was really a defining moment for my journey as a web developer (I'm gradually transitioning to software development).

I was passionate enough to begin learning to code with my mobile device against all odds and discomfort that accompanys learning to code with a mobile device.

Over the years I have noticed most of the beginners reaching out to me with questions on how to learn to code, like me when I started, do not own a laptop or desktop computer to learn with. So I'd always motivate them to get started with their mobile device.

But i decided to take it a little farther by writing a book teaching beginners how to start coding by Learning web development. I'm almost done writing the book and created a waiting list for readers that will love to read the book when it's finally out.

What to expect

  • Basic and in-depth explanations of web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Sample codes to build your muscles memory with
  • Recipes for learning to code
  • Motivation to continue your journey to becoming the beat Developer you can become.

Here is the link to the waiting list

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