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Importance of CEH Exam

With the emergence of security related issues across the world, the multinational organizations are looking for more number of professional and certified ethical hackers. Followed by this demand, CEH Exam is conducted to prepare and train certified ethical hackers, who can serve the MNCs for their security needs.

Importance of CEH Exam

In the digital world, breaching of security is not a much unknown phenomenon, and in order to get past these kinds of issues, one requires some special skills and training. Traditional textbooks cannot enable one with these kinds of skills, as these skills go beyond the traditional boundary of software engineering, network engineering, or mobile technologies.

How to Get Ethical hacking Certification?

The people, who can save the other from these kinds of security breaches, are called ethical hackers, and various multinational organizations recruit a large number of certified ethical hackers. These are the people, who have an in-depth knowledge of network engineering, mobile technology, database system, software engineering, and cyber law. However, anybody and everybody cannot be a specialized ethical hacker, as it requires focused training and guidance. For that reason, examinations, like CEH certification exam , are conducted for preparing an ethical hacker.

How to Prepare for the Exam?

There are several areas, which are taught and evaluated during the course of this exam. Following are those areas:

Tools and Programs

Under this category, you can learn the basic programming and scripting languages, basic and advanced network technologies, various features and background operations of operating systems, networking hardware design, antivirus technologies, security features of operating systems, and database modules.

Security Features

Under this category, you can learn the various security-related technologies required to protect a system or a network. It includes the technologies like cryptography, firewalls, validation techniques, wireless technologies, and other physical verification technologies.


CEH certification exam aspirants should be ready to learn the basics of system analysis, the technical analysis and risk analysis of an existing system.

Regulatory Framework

For successful completion of the ethical hacking certification, it is required to know the regulatory framework regarding the existing cyber laws, cyber compliances, code of conduct, and the boundaries of a hacker.

These are the basic skills required for being an ethical hacker. Once these skills are evaluated successfully, one can earn the title of certified ethical hacker.

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