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3-2-1 Newsletter: A video tutorial that lets you change the code inside the video!

Hi There!👋🏾

🙏🏾 Welcome to my blog newsletter where every week, I share a 3-2-1 curated list consisting of my content and also what resonated with me over the last week.

👉🏾 In this week's post, we have 3 tweets, a tutorial site that lets you modify the code (being displayed in a video!), and a video that digs into promisifying functions!

3️⃣ tweets

1] A single page #sketchnote created to explain the concept of polyfilling in JavaScript. You can download it for free and print it if you'd like.

2] The usage of Array.prototype.fill() in order to fill a JavaScript array with values in bulk without having to do it manually.

3] To check if every element in a JavaScript array satisfies a particular condition without having to use map() or forEach().

2️⃣ sites to use as playgrounds

This is a list of sites that let's us run our code and play around with it.

1] Scrimba

I am not sure how I did not know about scrimba before. They create tutorials in the format which they call a Scrim which means you can pause the video and edit the code that the author is working on and run it! Sounds unbelievable, right? You've got to try out one of their free courses to get a feel of it.

2] Typescript playground

This is a playground site that is hosted along with the official documentation of typescript. It lets you run the code that you want to, while allowing you to choose the version of TypeScript to target, the version of JavaScript to compile to and it also shows you the compiled JavaScript equivalent of your code.

1️⃣ video that you might find interesting

In this week's video, we have a tutorial on promisifying a function so that we do not have to deal with callbacks. We create a wrapper higher-order function that returns a promisified version of the original function. Check it out here:

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Hope that helped! As always, keep rocking.
Cheers :)

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