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Mangabo Kolawole
Mangabo Kolawole

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Which domain name to choose for portfolio website ?

I want to buy a domain name. But I am hesitating. It’s true .com is very easy to find and it’s intuitive for people but .dev for example is new and is developers oriented.
What’re your thoughts ?

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George WL

To be quite honest, unless you're going into tech blogging, then the domain name doesn't matter too much as long as it's not silly, offensive and/or immature.

The only people who will visit will be those who are linked to your website via a Resume/CV, or through direct links in job advert responses.

It's better to have a well made website, that makes a more lasting impression than a domain.

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Martin Pham

You could consider domain hack like mine: Martin Pham = M Pham =
However, keeping a classic .com is still a good idea. And the most important is what you’re gonna show on your site. Goodluck!

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Nicole Yang

I want to buy a domain name, either. What site are you going to register? I saw there're many websites out there. Like Netlify,, Heroku...
Does it matter which site I choose to register(buy)?

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Mangabo Kolawole

Yes it’s matter. But now I am using Hostinger. They are very good.
You should check. They are doing great promotions.

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I have .dev for my personal blog. If you are a developer then I think .dev makes more sense. But I also agree with 'Martin' that .com is still a good idea.