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Is really open source community exist? Could they give some feedback?

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Hi dev community, I believe somebody is a React developer here.
Then could you please take a look at my component ka-table? Github link Demos link
I've worked on it for almost half a year in my free time, and have long terms plans to continue doing it. I know the pros and cons of this table, and I have some plans for how to do it better. This component is fully free and under the MIT license. If you have free twenty minutes, please try it and give some feedback - thanks!

If I get some review I will write a post about this experience and will thank every person who participated.
Believe in success.

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Kudos to your work and I loved it . And I also wants to contribute on this project. But I'm new to react js and I hope I'll learn few things and will contribute few things in future. Thank you..


Hi Farooq, Thank you for your message! Really appreciate your feedback.
About you intention to learn React and contribute: I have some small but important tasks to implement and can show you how to do it properly - I believe it will help you to start with React faster. I can write you details on email you mentioned in your github account, approximately in a day if you don't mind.

Thanks again

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