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Hey Kunle! Welcome aboard. What in particular has you interested in Haskell?


I watched a video on YouTube recently ( that got me interested in functional languages, and I've read that Haskell is a functional language. So I figured I'd check it out.


Nice. I'm getting into Elixir and Elm in functional land. I liked this talk from the creator of Elm:

On a side note, I definitely need to make autolinking a thing in these comments. It's a new feature, so still need to work some things out 😝

Cool! I've heard of those too, but I haven't checked them out. I'll watch the video whose link you sent. Thanks! Why did you choose Elixir and Elm?

Yeah, autolinking would be great to have. That way, embedding gifs in comments will work naturally, without needing to follow links to see them. :D

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