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Krisztian Kecskes
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React Router - How to pass History object to a component

I was in a middle of a project, and I didn't used React for a while. I had to solve the situation: I had got a component, which was embeded deeply in a Route component (this Route was under a Browser Router component). I needed to use history object from the Router history. I started to remember my bad adventures with old React Router and circumstantial history manipulation.

So, I was in a bad mood, when I opened the official documentation. It was a big surprise when I could solve my task in 3 minutes.

There is a magical higher-order component, that name is withRouter. It takes place in the react-router-dom package also. With its help, you can pass the whole history object to your component as properties. They contains several useful data about routing.

import React, { PureComponent } from 'react';
import { withRouter } from 'react-router-dom';

class PassToMeMyRouterHistory extends PureComponent {

  redirectToHome = () => {
   const { history } = this.props;
   if(history) history.push('/home');

  render() {
    const { history } = this.props;

        <div onClick={this.redirectToHome}>You can go to Home ūü•≥</div>
        <div>Oh, we did not get pathname! ūü§Ē</div>


export default withRouter(PassToMeMyRouterHistory);


As you can see above, after we let the *withRouter* component to do its job, we can easily reach the necessary data and functions in connection with history. The history object has several property, you can check it in the [documentation](

Ps.: You need to handle the re-render logic in your component when you need this action, in case of location change. *withRouter* gives you the props but doesn't subscribe for the changes!
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Top comments (16)

jasterix profile image

this was such a life saver! Do you mind explaining why this.props.history.push("/home") might result in undefined but this would work?

I think it has something to do with this line--With its help, you can pass the whole history object to your component as properties.-- but am not 100% sure.

stakutis profile image

Fantastic! This finally makes some sense to me. I spent hours trying to help someone that using we children under it vs component= and I couldn't figure out why this.props.history.push() wasn't available!!! I only/ever use component= so never saw this other approach (embedded children) and didn't suspect it.

So, in your app, if at some point you want to re-direct the user (in javascript, not a tag) to a new location, what's the best way? I do not think it is window.location= because that's a page reset, right? And if you can't get to the router history, WHAT do you do??

nateosterfeld profile image
Nate Osterfeld

I know you said this a few months ago, but in case you were still wondering haha.. the history object actually exists on the window object itself in plain old vanilla JS.

vishwanath profile image

Thanks a lot Krisztian for this!

sanamsoodan profile image
Sanamdeep Singh

This was really helpful. Thanks

sstefan0v profile image
Stefan Stefanov

You saved my asss. thanks a lot :)

miloslavcv profile image
Miloslav Cvetkovic

Thank you! You saved me from losing my mind over router redirect :) ūüĎć

josuerodriguez98 profile image
Josué Rodríguez (He/Him)

Thanks! This helped me with a problem! Appreciate it!

jkozma81 profile image
Kozma J√°nos

It is a pity that I just found this post. This would have saved for me a day of struggle and search for solutions for my react project.ūüėĄ

kozakrisz profile image
Krisztian Kecskes

Next time you can solve the problem in minutes!ūüėÉūüĎć

cvclaravista profile image
CvClaraVista • Edited

Valeu Mano
Muito obrigado!

brunnovianna profile image
Brunno Vianna

I was looking for this for a long time. Lots and lots of worakarounds and the solution was that simple. Thank you for this!

shubham2924 profile image

Just one word 'Amazing' !

gurutobe profile image
Abdelrhman Yousry

With this one,
i was able to fix an issue caused by referencing the component in routes using "render" not "component" prop.
Thanks a lot!

tifelaflame profile image

Thank you for this article, I'm not sure I understand this solution but I knew the reason it was undefined but not how to solve it.

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