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Hello all,
I have been in a start/stop loop when it comes to learning both web development and python. My progress has been slow and small but I am looking to change that and recommit to learning and practicing. I found this site through a link on a Discord channel that I follow and I am glad that I did because so far this seems like another great community.

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Really nice to have enthusiastic beginners in the community!
Few tips I can suggest which may help in your learning process (it personally helped me):

  • Set your goals as projects not tutorials:
    Instead of saying I will finish this course this week, be like I will be able to do this project this week, and then learn the only relative things to that project (this also helps you becoming a way more productive person and accelerate your learning)

  • Go to Stack Overflow and answer questions:
    Despite how much you think you know, you always have the ability to help the community with little knowledge even, this will also make you more satisfied. There are a lot of beginners on Stack Overflow and they seek beginners like you who went through similar problems. So go there and try answering as many questions as you can.

All the best bud!

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