06 Tips to Make Your Website Attractive in 2019!!

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Top 06 tips to make your website attractive
Now before we begin, please keep in mind that this is not an in-depth article on “UI Development“, this article is more like a palette cleanser to help you develop a more clear aesthetic vision for the design of your website or any other product.

Tip No. 01 – Get Inspired from the visionary

When you think of a great visionary that shaped the era of personal computing for the people of 21st century then “Steve Jobs” is the one that comes to your mind. Now some people will comment that he was not the greatest but the point is, its not whether he is great or not.

The point lies in the simplicity of the designs of his products, the way he made them look and feel premium. Though almost every Apple product was designed by Jony Ive and his team, it was Steve jobs who inspired them and gave the approval on the final look and that’s the part of the reason why Apple products were considered as the greatest.

Clean and Simple But Premium
Clean and Simple But Premium
Once you understand that, it becomes simple. Today’s design standards for the computing products are inspired from the aesthetic and premium looks of the Apple products and that has even affected the Web development, App development and Software development fields.

The designers are approaching for more cleaner and premium look and you should take the same route and add your own touch to the trend.

Here are some facts for “Why clean and premium look is great for the web design?”.

Clean design helps readers to focus on the content as it affects the 70% of the readability rate and improves session time.

Google likes it! Their newly introduced material design 2.0 standards focuses more on the interactive part but they are emphasizing on clean & premium feel even more.

Get your math formula right :- Good design + Good content = More visitors.

Every other company that runs their business via Smartphone App or Websites is approaching the minimalist way.

Clean and Premium look or the minimalist way for websites works especially great for the startups who want to give premium feel to their brand.
With that being said we move forward with our second tip to make your website attractive.

Tip No. 02 – Using illustrations to make it more appealing

Use of illustrations on website to make your website attractive
Use of illustrations on website to make your website attractive
Now if you try to research about trendy website designs, then you will notice that majority of web designers are using cool illustration along with minimalist look to make their website feel more premium. To make your website attractive you can also use illustrations in your websites.

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