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06 Tips to Make Your Website Attractive in 2020!!

What is the best way to make your website attractive? Everyone searches for this query on Google and tries to find their answer. Yes, Google in this 21st century has become a great mean to solve any problem but it has one major drawback and that is the answer you get is quite generalized.

The reason is simple, there are too many websites or links trying to answer this query and finding a right one which satisfies your needs is quite complex task.

Another reason is, old articles, with old research.

Its no new thing to know that tech is updating every year, and, as each year passes on its getting more and more incredible and amazing. And that’s not a different thing with the web development technology.

As amazing and incredible each websites and apps look, people tend to think, “Hey, how can i make website or app look like that?” and then they ultimately end up researching on Google with the queries like “How to make your website attractive” or “How to make your website or app look elegant and cool” and in return they find the old articles which are not keeping up with the updated era of technology.

So, with that being said, here is our fresh take on this particular query.

Top 06 tips to make your website attractive
Now before we begin, please keep in mind that this is not an in-depth article on “UI Development“, this article is more like a palette cleanser to help you develop a more clear aesthetic vision for the design of your website or any other product.

Tip No. 01 – Get Inspired from the visionary

When you think of a great visionary that shaped the era of personal computing for the people of 21st century then “Steve Jobs” is the one that comes to your mind. Now some people will comment that he was not the greatest but the point is, its not whether he is great or not.

The point lies in the simplicity of the designs of his products, the way he made them look and feel premium. Though almost every Apple product was designed by Jony Ive and his team, it was Steve jobs who inspired them and gave the approval on the final look and that’s the part of the reason why Apple products were considered as the greatest.
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