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Build React Native Fitness App #5: installing Firebase in React native

for installing Firebase in React native. We did on implement UI for register and login section now we can go deep to backend side with using Firebase is easy and simple we gonna setup on both iOS and Android this take over for all of this chapter if your have experienced just skip this chapter

this tutorial is fourth chapter of series build fitness tracker this app use for track workouts, diets, or health activities and analyze data and display suggestion the ultimate goal is to create food and health recommendation using Machine learning we start with creating app that user wants to use and connect to google health and apple heath for gathering everything to create dataset that uses for train model later I start with ultimate goal but we will start with create react native app and set up screen navigation with React navigation. inspired by React native template from instamobile

the first thing that we required is Firebase account has free tier your can using with comfortable and we using react native firebase most popular firebase package for react-native

first, we install react-native-firebase package

yarn add react-native-firebase

add Firebase cacao pod

target 'fitness\_master' do
  # Pods for fitness\_master
  pod 'Firebase/Core', '~> 6.13.0'
  pod 'Firebase/Auth', '~> 6.13.0'

then run

cd ios ; pod install ; cd ..

close packager terminal and run again

react-native run-ios

Firebase part

create new firebase project

For iOS

copy iOS bundle identifier from Xcode

then paste on Firebase

download then add back to Xcode

here the location

To using SDK in-app, import firebase to AppDelegate.m file:

now we can use Firebase on iOS app your can try by using some firebase function

For Android

run this command for android only we don’t want to ruin iOS part

react-native link react-native-firebase --platforms android

now we add a new app

next download google-services.json then add to android/app

now we can add a dependency open android/build.gradle add folling

buildscript {
  // ...
  dependencies {
    // ...
    classpath ''

then activate plugin on android/app/build.gradle add this to last line

apply plugin: ''

last step add firebase package in android/app/build.gradle

implementation project(':react-native-firebase')

// Firebase dependencies
implementation ""
implementation ""

all done try close packager and build the project again


this chapter we learn how to setup Firebase on both Android and iOS is pretty simple now in next chapter we can register and log in with Firebase

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