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Top 8 React native Modal Component 2020

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React Native framework has grown as a popular and reliable app development framework for the next generation application. The community base is huge and growing which simply emphasizes the fact that the React Native app development framework has more to offer in the future. With a growing community, library packages, as well as solutions to many app development issues, are readily available. We depend on custom made components in our app development process to provide intuitive UI and convenient features. One such feature that is essential in any mobile application is the Modal component. They help make UI more intuitive and convenient as well. We can use models to show alerts, take confirmations, display info, display images, and what note.

What makes Modals show convenient is that it can pop up on the screen that is currently to show some extra information without having to navigate to another screen in a mobile app. They are a robust component that can be featured in multiple ways. With respect to value it provides in app development, there are some packages that deliver robust and highly customizable Modal components with some state of the art out-of-the-box features that provides more efficiency for app usage. Here, we review some of the best Modal component libraries that will help us integrate some interesting and convenient features in a React Native app.

Ract Native Modalbox

If you are looking for a Modal component in React Native that is easy to integrate and has ample prop features then this might be the best one for you. It offers fully customizable Modal component with easy to use features. You can position the modal wherever you want on a device screen based on your needs. One of the most interesting features that this modal library has in offer is the ‘swipe down to close’ feature. Modal can be a full-screen or half screen. The close button might be positioned at the top of the screen which might be inconvenient to reach. This is where the swipe down to close the modal comes in handy and makes the overall experience of the UI convenient for users. Overall, a great modal package to integrate with the GitHub stars of over 2.7k.

React Native Modal

Another amazing Modal component package which is provided by React native community. This modal library is basically the upgrade of the original Modal component provided by react-native. It offers the same plain Modal API with the addition of animation options as well as style customizations. The animations are smooth when the modal opens as well as exits. There is also the feature of customizing the backdrop, colors, and timings. It enables full control over the exit animation. The modal is auto-resizable, scrollable, and swipable as well. Overall, a cool and awesome React Native Modal component to use.

React Native Root Modal


If you are looking for a React Native Modal component built using plain JavaScript then this is the library package you would want to use. The Modal component is easy to integrate as well as use. The component can be invoked in the React element way as well as the JavaScript class way. The overall Modal component built is inherited from the native View component. It enables full control of the component with the addition of animations and styles. The actual Modal view it provides with animation is simple and convenient. Hence, the library offers basically a lightweight Modal component with simple but efficient features.

React Native Modal Selector

If you have been a web developer then you may have been familiar with the Select element that allows us to make a selection from the pool of options. The selection can be singular as well as multiple. Well, this React Native Modal Selector package offers us the same functionality in the form of Modal applicable for mobile applications. The component itself is highly customizable and supports sections as well. We can use this Modal component in default mode as a wrapper around our existing components or provide the custom component. In default mode, the select option buttons appear in the Modal. In case you use customizable, you will be able to control the opening and closing of modal as well. Hence, this is not the conventional Modal package but a Modal package that is designed to deliver the Select feature.

React Native Simple Dialogs

Well, we all know what dialogs are for. They can be used to deliver some information, take input from the user, take user confirmations as well as display errors. They can be also used as a menu option and what not. Here, we have the library package called React Native Simple Dialogs that provide similar features out of the box. This Dialog component is based on the Modal component and offers three different types of dialogs. You can use it as the confirmation dialog to take confirmation input from the user and use it as a progress dialog as well in order to show the loaders. Moreover, the component itself is highly customizable as it delivers custom dialog as well. The custom Dialog component can take in any kind of view which just works like a basic Modal. Overall, this is a very useful Dialog component library based on Modal components that makes our work easier by delivering the varieties of Dialogs out of the box.

React Native Awesome Alert


This library package is kind of new to the React Native app development business. It is highly useful if you want to integrate Alert type Modals into your React Native app. This React Native awesome alert package actually offers a Modal component that appears as an alert dialog. The component is highly customizable with a check box option pre-integrated as well. This Modal component definitely makes work easier for those trying to provide an alert type dialog with check options. We can definitely implement our own custom Modal by using other packages but why focus on integrating our own when we already have a package that does it easily. Hence, a very useful and efficient package to have for React Native app development.

React Native Image Modal

pinch zoom in/out and move

If you have any image element in your React Native project, you would want a feature to view it full screen as well. Many users expect to view the image in full screen when they tap on it. Hence, this React Native Image Modal was developed for this kind of feature. This library package delivers the Modal component that enables us to view the image on the full screen. It basically opens up a full-screen modal in which the image is present. In addition to that, it also offers pinch zoom-in/out, double-tap zoom-in/out, move and swipe-to-dismiss features which is handy when dealing with images. Overall, this Image Modal component package is the best one you can get if you want to view the image full screen in your React Native app.

React Native Hide Modal


Sometimes you need an alert dialog or confirmation dialog based Modal that once hidden never appears again on the screen unless a manual trigger is applied. Well, the Modal component provided by this React Native Hide Modal library package does this job with ease for us. It offers a Modal component with a checkbox which allows us to hide the Modal component itself based time specified. This library is based on the latest react-native version and uses the react-native-community/async-storage package as a dependency. Hence, this package basically delivers a customizable modal that can be hidden based on time constraints.


React Native provides its own Modal component out of the box. You can use it in your own way as well. But, when it comes to integrating some extra features the inbuilt Modal component may not be enough. In fact, you can integrate the features and customize the Modal component in your own way. But, you can use the libraries that already provide those features out of the box in order to make the app development process easier and efficient as well. The above list of some amazing libraries that delivery awesome Modal component with state of the art robust features makes the Modal integration and configuration for React Native project much more easier. In case you need a highly customizable modal with multiple features then you can definitely choose one of these libraries to make your work easier. Hence, these Modal components libraries have abilities to solve any kind of issue related to Modals in React Native.

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