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My Template for Node.js Server with Express.js using TypeScript.

Krishna Sharma
I am a Full Stack Developer on MERN Stack.
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Hello everyone, I just created a template for Node.js server side code with Express.js framework using TypeScript, I really found it so good, but if any of you are a Senior Developer, please review my code to suggest some improvements.
And also, please comment how good or bad the code is and Guess my experience with the code quality.
And if you are a Junior Developer, you may download the repository to start your project as it has common features built already like handling Routes with Controllers and Database interaction using a popular ORM 'Sequelize' for MySQL, PostgreSQL or any of some other Relational Databases mentioned the its Docs.
Thanks for reading it, and please don't forget to comment your opinions.

GitHub Username: KrishnaSharmaRS

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