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Cool Flutter Dating App Templates of 2020

Flutter can be the UI framework model for every app out there, let alone the dating apps. This app development framework has taken the world by storm with its simplicity, widgets, and pixel-by-pixel based mobile UI development. There is no doubt of the popularity this mobile development framework received over the last few years. In this article we are listing the best Flutter Dating app templates of 2020, which you can find on the Internet right now.

For those not familiar with Flutter yet, simply put, apps developed using Flutter are beautiful and feature-rich. Flutter makes the app development simpler by offering different Widgets. Basically, the application interface is coded by stacking the Widget tree with different Widgets. The development environment is powered by the Dart programming language. It is a Google-developed programming language similar to Java programming language.

The learning curve of Flutter and Dart programming language is quite flat and easy. It offers cross-platform application development. This means the same piece of code can be used to create both Android and iOS-based applications. Flutter offers many libraries out of the box. Not to mention that a plethora of libraries are out there which a flutter developer can use to easily implement wonderful mobile app features.

Flutter is the perfect UI framework to build a snappy & hot mobile dating app for both iOS and Android. By using one of the best Flutter dating app templates, you can create a dating app much more quickly, even in a matter of days.

So, here we are going to talk about the popular dating app templates implemented using Flutter. With the popularity of Flutter mobile application development, why not create a dating application using Flutter? Dating apps are not new to this mobile application development concepts. There are numerous dating apps in the market already.

You may have heard about Tinder, one famous in the current generation. These apps are now often developed to fit into a specific society or culture. Tinder makes use of your geographical position to find other singles in your neighborhood. Thus, it shows you their profiles which consist of a picture, a name, age, and distance. So, you are able to connect. These apps are becoming a normal way for people to connect and meet nowadays. Hence, there is a high demand for dating apps in the market.

Here, we are not going to get into the details of how to create the dating app using Flutter. But, we will go through some of the most popular open-source dating app templates implemented using Flutter. This will make things easier for the developers to learn and develop the dating app using Flutter and also add additional features to them.

Now, without further ado let us take a look at the best flutter dating app templates that you can choose from to develop your own dating app clone.

Open-source Tinder Clone

Alt Text

Open-source Tinder Clone

Tinder is not a new topic when it comes to dating apps. It is one of the most popular dating application out there in the market. It has more than 100 million downloads worldwide. This template is based on the swipe mechanism. The original app was developed using Java for Native Android development and Objective-C for iOS development. But, here we have got the Tinder clone template developed entirely using Flutter. This template was originally designed for the purpose of learning flutter. But, the originality of the UI compared with the original app can be considered very much similar.

The UI is intuitive and simple based on the swipe mechanism of Tinder. There is no doubt that this template can be used to implement your very own tinder clone application or other dating application. Of course, this project can be used as a learning guide to flutter beginners. However, this template can give a basis for your next dating app startup. As this an open-source template, it is available freely in GitHub.

Flutter Dating App Template

This is one of the best premium dating app templates out there which has features that are extremely close to the Tinder app. It offers a fully functional dating app template with Firebase server backend support. This template is entirely written in Flutter. The UI flow and designs are inspired by the Tinder UI Kit.

This Flutter template supports the match-making algorithm along with notifications and real-time messaging. The design implementation supports both Android and iOS platforms. The template offers more than 50+ screens with intuitive design elements for ease and efficiency. Inspired by the Tinder app, this app also incorporates the swipe mechanism along with date recommendations.

The features like matches, real-time conversations, dating/personal profiles, localizations are a must-have in any dating app. Thus, this template takes an extra effort to provide these features with optimized performance. The new Android feature like dark-mode support is also supported. Not to forget, the server backend support using Firebase.

Hookup4u – A Complete Flutter Based Dating App

If you’re looking to buy Flutter app templates, this one is for sale. Hookup4u is a complete feature-full dating app template implemented using Flutter. It is available in the CodeCanyon market for sale for $69. It offers more than 40 screens. Each screen exhibits the intuitive UI feel with features matching that of the fully functional dating app. Nowadays, security has been one of the most important features that must be included in every app. This app offers authentication using Facebook as well as OTP based Phone number verification. This template delivers an easy input UI for profile creation and gallery for picture upload.

The template also incorporates the Tinder based swipe mechanism along with like, unlike the other’s profile feature. It supports real-time Notifications and one to one chat as well. The control over the profile visibility can also be set using the settings option. So overall, this template delivers powerful features required for an ideal dating app. Thus, do not restrain yourself for checking this professional template out.

Pawdoption – open-source Tinder for pet

Here’s one of the best free Flutter dating app templates out there. The popularity of dating apps like Tinder has grown so much that now there is a template that helps the pet lovers met their dream pets. This template can be considered Tinder for the adoption of pets that match the pet lovers’ requirements.

The features in this template enable you to find your next pet from local animal shelters. Inspired by the Tinder UI kit, there is a swipe mechanism. It enables you to swipe through pets in a Tinder-like interface to search for your next pet. The right swipe gesture will bookmark the pet so that you can view them later. It also delivers the interface to include pets bios such as breed, age, and shelter location. The contact information is also available in the interface as there can not be a real-time chatting with pets.. haha!!

We recommend you to check this interesting template out. It may prove to be fruitful in implementing your own dating app. Most importantly, this template is an open-source template and is available freely in the Github repo linked above.


People are more engaged in virtual life than interactive in the social life. In a world where people tend to stay active virtually, dating apps can provide a place where people can connect virtually and meet in person. Hence, many prevalent dating apps like Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Honeym etc. are the talk of the town. Thus, helping many users connect. Therefore, the list of the best Flutter dating app templates provided above can enable you to create your very own similar dating app. The templates are open-source as well as premium. We leave it upon you to decide which one best suits your needs. There is no doubt that they are equipped with features that can fulfill everything that you want in your dating application.

The major point is that they are entirely written in the Flutter framework with Dart programming language. The cross-platform compatibility can help you deploy the app for both Android and iOS platforms. There is a high probability that Flutter app development can be the future of mobile application development. So, there is more to gain than to lose learning Flutter and checking out these awesome templates which will surely simplify your development activity.

This is the list of the best Flutter dating app templates of 2020, currently available on the market. If you know of more such app themes, let us know in the comment.

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Leeroy Jenkins

These dating app templates are amazing. It would be nice if Bang Sexting have this kind of app template on their mobile app. You can join Bang Sexting here for free

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Simply an amazing list of Flutter dating app templates. The screen UI designs look modern and intuitive, just what a dating app needs. The features included are powerful as well. The clone apps help learn about flutter development. This is the best article to find a good flutter template for anyone who is trying yo develop it. There are lots of flutter templates out there offering impeccable designs and powerful features. They definitely help roll out the app much faster with minimum cost.

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Alijah Stark • Edited

Thank you for sharing these useful templates. I am preparing to develop a dating app to help singles find their partner, Tinder is always ranked as the best dating and hook app on some reviews sites, like