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In-depth Interview Questions

In-depth questions are used to evaluate your work ethic in your chosen profession. They also help hiring managers determine how you solve problems and handle certain situations.

This article is a continuation of the previous article we published:

• Tell me about your typical day in your current or most recent role as a developer.
• Have you ever had a failed project? Give me an example and explain why you think it was a failure. What would you have done differently to ensure its success?
• How do you prioritize your tasks as a developer?
• What do you hope to learn from your manager?
• If we gave you several tasks due at the end of the day and you weren't able to finish them in time, how would you handle this situation?
• Can you briefly tell me about some projects you worked on recently and the approach you took from start to finish?
• Tell me about a tough development problem you've had in the past and how you solved it.
• Is there anything you would change about how you performed in your most recent role? Why?
• Why should we choose you for this position?
• Tell me about a time when miscommunication impacted one of your projects. How did you handle it?
• Describe a time when you experienced a significant project change last minute. How did you handle it and complete the project on time?

In our next post, we would be sharing interview questions with sample answers.

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