Privacy Tools – Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance

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I value my privacy and try to stay away from certain operating systems, browsers and some social networks, it's the first time I have come across such a comprehensive list of tools that focus on privacy:

I hope you find this useful :) What browsers, extensions and VPN providers do you use?


I use Brave and my own VPN. Things seem to work really really well as far as the user experience and overall security are concerned.

Since you speak of privacy, Bryan Lunduke recapped a very important comparison between iOS and Android and which spies on you more:

Very shocking at first sight and I think it highlights some pretty big issues in the space!


Really good video. I think for any Android users (but probably if you are using a Google account you should do it even if you don't have an Android) one of the most important things to do are disable activity tracking here I remember there were more places where you would have to go and "opt out" of tracking.


I use firefox, with ublock origin and my own VPN (wireguard), for which I configured an endpoint that blocks every ad, tracker, and lots of big domains, including most of facebook's, twitter's and such.


In my quest to un-google as much as possible I went full iOS (from Android), Firefox (from Chrome) (with Containers and UBlock) and DuckDuckGo since end of 2018. I also switched my main Mail to Fastmail with my own domain.

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