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I am a construction site worker and I learn Rails

There are more blogs than you can imagine. About programming, about cooking, about cars, about travel. Give me some random topic and I'll find at least five blogs on it. People write about everything and nothing, several posts a day or one a month, with or without meaning, more or less, but they write. Since practically all topics in practically all fields are exhausted, why do I also decide to write another one among a million others, a blog about programming?

My goal for this year is to become a Ruby on Rails programmer, with this blog I want to document my progress with learning Rails.

What's so special about it? In the learning itself probably nothing, while what I do outside of learning I think is not an everyday occurrence. I'm a construction worker, I'm a paving and laying pipes every day, I work in trenches several meters long and with excavators several tons long (we dig those bitcoins, but we haven't found anything yet).

Will working in IT be something new for me? No. In Poland I worked for a few years, mainly as an administrator and as a freelancer I managed to write a few smaller or bigger applications, mainly in php + angular stack. So I have some experience as a programmer, but I have never worked in a team. I have an irresistible impression that I am stuck in so-called noobville from the beginning. I have superficial knowledge in a few areas, but I'm an expert in none.

The first post is just a hello and it won't be anything special, starting tomorrow I'll be adding more and more technical content.

PS. Cover photo: meet Luna, who will accompany me (and you) in learning Rails

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Nathan Kallman

Good luck!

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Yuri Filatov

Good luck