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Monokle 1.7.0 Release — Kubeshop

The Monokle Team at Kubeshop is proud to announce version 1.7.0 of Monokle - Manifest IDE, our open-source desktop tool to help you with all-things-related to Kubernetes manifests.
In this release, the main focus was improved manifest validation. We also improved Helm interactions and the general user experience, largely based on your feedback. Thank you!

Open Policy Agent validation

The Monokle team wants to help developers with the tools they need to spend less time fixing and debugging so that they can build the next big feature.
We notice that both startups and enterprises want to comply with best practices and security standards, yet they often meet friction in tooling. Validating your policies in a separate process gets skipped and enforcing it at admission time comes with a poor developer experience.
That’s why Monokle now brings policy validation directly into your editor.
You will no longer need to dive through documentation as help will appear in real-time while editing.

Getting started with policy validation is simple. Open the validation pane at the left and you will see a pre-made list of rules. A big shout out to the DefSec team at Aqua Security as full credit for these rules goes to them. Once you’re familiarized with the rules, enable those relevant to you and that’s it!

Please note that this initial release only works on vanilla Kubernetes manifests and is disabled for Helm and Kustomizations. Let us know what you think about the Open Policy Agent integration and feel free to send us a message when you are missing a rule or are interested in building a plugin with your own set of rules.


Now you can list the templates under each Chart in the Helm Pane:

Mouse over directive templates to display the location of the Values file associated with.

Cluster workflows

Disable or enable editing resources in cluster mode:

UI/UX Improvements

Pin your favorite projects on the top of the “getting started” page:

First-timer? Don’t worry, we created a tooltip that guides you through the main features:

Other notable fixes and improvements

Fixed the Deploy Resource action on Ubuntu.
Updates: get a hint when to reload Monokle after a new version has been applied
Refreshed the look and feel of the start page
As always you can download the release from our website and get in touch to complain or praise Monokle on our Discord Server - looking forward to hearing from you

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