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Kumar Sanskar
Kumar Sanskar

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So Java, it is.

Since this is my first post or rather a small blog introducing myself and why the post has such an unusual heading let me make it easier for you.
So if you go through my profile on this platform, you see that I have mentioned that I am currently pursuing my Bachelors from G.L.A. University, Mathura in Computer Science and Engineering and during the course I have now decided to finally pick Java as my fundamental programming language. Alt Text
And guess what! I decided that I will be sharing my journey and the path taken to achieve my goal.
I would be making it like a journal where every day I will be briefing about the topic that I learnt, and the resources I would use.
Let's see how much this approach of learning works for me, keeping the finger crossed🤞 for the best.

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Maciej Modzelewski

Good luck! Java is a great language to know :)