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Kunal Bagaria
Kunal Bagaria

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I made a tool in Rust to play mechanical keyboard sounds on every key press


A Rust CLI that makes mechanical keyboard sound effects on every key press. It was a collaborative effort that took months to make, is now finally releasing.


brew install kb24x7/rustyvibes/rustyvibes
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Windows / Linux:

cargo install rustyvibes
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rustyvibes <soundpack_path>
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Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 7.23.10 PM

Download Soundpacks: Here

Mechvibes vs. Rustyvibes

How does Rustyvibes compare to its competitors like Mechvibes? Mechvibes uses Electron and Chromium which is very resource intensive. Rustyvibes on the other hand is made with Rust and can be upto 10x-100x more resource efficient.

Mechvibes Soundpacks: Here


Rustyvibes is a fully open-sourced project and never uses any network activity at all.

If you like what I'm doing, you can join my Discord server here

Top comments (6)

allanmacgregor profile image
Allan MacGregor 🇨🇦

Cool idea, doesn't work on linux

kunal profile image
Kunal Bagaria

There are some dependency issues, I'll add a note to readme to install those dependencies

u_dev profile image

This is cool!!

raunakp21 profile image

sounds more like typewriter :D

yashank09 profile image
Yashank Varshney

Such awesomeness. Never expected the hindi background music either 😂❤️

henrychea profile image
Henry Chea

Awesome project! Already lovin' it and so do my co-workers haha. No more noise for them XD

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