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Let us be coding Djinnis 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️

Imagine you are searching through an old drawers. Somewhere you find an old coffee mug ☕️. It looks nice and you like it. You think for yourself: "Mh... after a lot of hard work, a coffee and a few post would be nice to relax!" You take the mug, clear it from the dust of the decades, put it under the coffee machine and the coffee starts running. As soon as the first drop hits the bottom of the mug a djinni appears 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️. At first it looks confused, but its gets conscious fast. "I'm am your personal coding djinni! I will code one app for you. What should it be?!" You start thinking... "Write your answer down in the comments!"

Every developer knows this feeling: "I have a lot of cool technologies I want to test and improve my skills in" but somehow you want to do something productive, not just the "Hello World"s, Calculators and Tik-Tak-Toes. You have ideas, but sometimes there are completely out of scope to do. Something simple and still productive? Nope... nothing on mind.

And I have the same problem right now. I started to learn react-native a few days ago and published my first app. Take a look if you like! (HexToDec - iOS AppStore) But I'm somewhat out of idea, what to do next.

So I ask you: What are your problems which have not yet been solved? What App, Website (or even blog) are you missing? Post it in the comments and maybe someone will take care of it, to practice this stylish new framework or just to expand the portfolio.

Let us crowdsource our needs, ideas and skills, so everybody can benefit! To easily skim the comments I would suggest some simple markup, like:

Platform: e.g. iOS
Problem: Short description of the problem
Explanations: An in-depth discussion of the problem/app.

Share your ideas, have fun building, learn something and most of all: Don't forget the self-care!

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