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Kushak Zohaad Jafry
Kushak Zohaad Jafry

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Kushak's Portfolio

What I built

I built a portfolio for myself using Angular/ Universal and Strapi.

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Personal Site/Portfolio

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I was planning to make my personal portfolio for a long time.
After seeing the hackathon, I was very excited and decided to start
making my own portfolio.
After my failed attempts to design the UI, I decided to go by design, inspired by a template.

I picked the design idea and started designing my own site on Adobe site.

After the UI designing part was completed, it was time for Frontend and Backend.

I thought of using strapi as backend as it seemed pretty good and was also provided in the hackathon description.
Being a newbie at strapi, it was pretty hard to grasp it initially.

For the frontend, I decided to use Angular with Universal for Server Side Rendering. I decided not to use any jquery or jquery based library. Developing the frontend from scratch using HTML/CSS and TS according to design was a pretty tough task.

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I was always planning to make my own personal portfolio site for a long time. And the idea of a hackathon excited me to build the site.
I learned a lot about Strapi, the digitalocean App platform, adding Deploy to do buttons to GitHub repositories, and learned to connect the app to custom domains.

How I built it

I used ADOBE XD for designing UI.
Angular for developing frontend.
Strapi for developing the backend.
Angular Universal for SSR.

Additional Resources/Info

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Mohammed Samgan Khan

links not working bro...