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Introducing Favico Generator

Hi everyone, my name is Abdulazeez. I want to introduce a simple tool i built Favico Generator.

alt text
Preview of how the tool works.

What is a favicon ?

A favicon is a small image file with the ico extension used as representational images used by websites to override browser tabs favicos. That's my definition of what a favicon is.

Introducing Favicon generator.

I'm an upcoming modern web developer , i use to code wapka websites and as at that time, i used to get favicos from source codes. I didn't have an idea on how they were generated. I asked a friend of mine, he said he resizes images online and use them as favicos. So i thought of making a command line tool that would generate favicons from images right at my console. Wow.. Super cool isn't it ?. Then i made favico generator.

What can i do with the tool ?

Its a handy tool such that it is installed globally and therefore, it can be called from any angle in your terminal or console. The tool is used mainly to generate favicon.ico images from images.

Why should i get this tool ?

You should get it because it saves the stress of uploading and downloading every time. You can just create favicons at your disposal.

Where can i get this tool ?

Its a npm module, i developed it into a module so it can be installed without stress. To do this, just visit my github repo for full instructions . The link to the repo will be shared at the end of this article. Meanwhile, you can install this from the npm registry with the command .

sudo npm i -g favico-generator

Don't forget to check the instructions here.


The module / tool is still in its early stages although its version is at 2.1.0 and contributions are needed and i'll appreciate any form of contribution to the projects.


So, you should try get my tool and see what its capable of.. Instructions on how to use the tool is entailed fully on my repo. Lastly, don't forget to check the repo and give it a star if you find it useful. Link to repo is below !.

Github repo link: Click Me

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