Script to check git status, add files, commit and push.

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The process of adding and pushing files with git may tend to be boring and repetitive.
Do less with one script, check git status, add files to staging area, commit the staged files with a message, and push with "gscp" script.

How to use the script

Step 1. Download the script from the github repo.

Link To Repo
git clone https://github.com/kyagie/gscp.git

Step 2. Paste the script in the a folder called bin in your user directory.

If you do not have this folder, create it in the /home/{user} directory, with mkdir bin. And paste the script here.

You should end up with something like this /home/arthur/bin/gscp

Step 3. Change permissions on the file.

chmod 755 gscp

The script is now ready for use globally

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