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Kyla Gregory
Kyla Gregory

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm Kyla and...


...this is me.

You're probably wondering how I got here...

Well let's see. I guess I'll start from the beginning!

I spent my entire life in the military.
My step-dad was in the military when I first met him and because of that, I have been fortunate enough to move all over the U.S. and live in Turkey. My dad retired after 20 years and in that time, I met the love of my life. He was tall, intelligent, and more important, he liked me. He too joined the military! He asked me to marry him and I moved out to Monterey, California to live with my Iraqi linguist. hubsmonterey
We LOVED Monterey and Carmel but alas, we had to move on. Orders demanded it. And so, onto our next destination! But wait...not until a very important and unique experience was to become a part of our lives. I cannot delve too deep but... let's just say we started a professional blackjack team.
You know that movie 21? Well, yeah it's pretty freaking accurate. Well, somewhat anyway. Yes, I totally played the ditzy young girl that just so happened to be counting cards and signaling the BP (Big Player) to come sit when the count was high.


Bad ass? YES.
From Monterey we moved to Navarre, Florida. Where's Navarre you ask? Good question. Navarre claims to be Florida's Best Kept Secret, ya know.
It was there that my I experienced my first taste of programming. My husband was nearing the end of his enlistment and he was dabbling with an idea for a website. We talked about it and considered what it would take to bring a website to life. At the time we were concerned about the cost of hiring a developer as well as whether we would need to worry about them taking our idea. It's funny to think about now.
So, I decided to look into web development. I did what any good future developer would do and Googled it! I happened upon Harvard's CS50 course on cs50
With the course I created the cheesiest game with Scratch.


It's SOOO bad but I look back it makes me smile at how far I've come.
After my husband finished his military enlistment, we moved to Kansas City where I decided that I wanted to leave my job as a teacher and pursue a career in development.
After my decision to make the career change, I went full programmer and haven't slowed down since.


I have and still do dedicate all of my free time to learning and building. In the year that I've been self-studying, I have created projects with ReactJs, React Router and hooks, Redux, Google Cloud Firestore, Material-UI, Formik, PostgreSQL, ExpressJS, NodeJS, and TypeScript.
At this moment I am learning TailwindCSS.

I have done some pretty cool things in my life and I do not intend on slowing down any time soon.

I intend to continue posting but from here they will be informative. I will teach you all as I am learning. It's my understanding that it is a great way to learn and so here I am sharing this very goofy and very much me post.
Thank you all for reading if you got this far. If you have any questions or would like for me to write any specific posts, please let me know! I am happy to oblige! Love to you all!

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Aleks Popovic

Looking forward to your articles!

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Kyla Gregory

Thanks! Me too! Haha

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Niall Maher

Nice! Looking forward to hearing how your story evolves more over the coming years!🔥

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Kyla Gregory

Thank you! Me too!!

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Thanks for sharing and all the best

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Kyla Gregory

Thank you!