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Setting Custom Bracket Colors with VSCode

I love Bracket Pair Colorizer

And I was extremely excited when VSCode picked it up to be included with no extensions! However... they changed the way that you set it up.

Here's an example snippet of my current bracket pair settings in my settings.json:

  // enables colors
  "editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled": true,

  // define what colors you want
  "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground1": "#dfbaff",
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground2": "#bae1ff",
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground3": "#baffc9",
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground4": "#ffffba",
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground5": "#ffd3a1",
    "editorBracketHighlight.foreground6": "#ffb3ba"
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And here's what these specific colors look like:

Color listing of bracket highlights

What it looks like in your editor with some code:

[...nextauth].ts file with Nord Theme, Hasklig, and Bracket Pair Colorizer

In case anyone is wondering, I use Nord theme and Hasklig font with font ligatures on.

Hope this helps anyone else who is looking to add some customization into their VSCode!

Lots of brackets with "enjoy" in the center of it

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