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Forem iOS app

When browsing AppStore there are two apps:

  • Forem

Now, the fact that app is discontinued is secret. No clearly visible official announcement ( this is well-hidden ), not to mention that app is still available from AppStore.

Some kind of sad joke this is.....

Another sad joke is " quality " of this Forem app...... my posts written on MBP are not visible in Dashboard in my iOS app, animations lags, coverage is non-existent........

Also :: on MBP I follow 3 users; in iOS app I follow ...... 0. Shouldnt app be in full sync with my account?

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Andy Piper

I’ve been using the Forem app since the sunset for the DEV app was announced (I follow the DEV team account, so I saw the announcement when it was posted - it does not seem hidden to me). I currently use it across 5 domains running Forem, and I’m not observing the issues you’ve mentioned. What version of iOS/iPadOS are you using?

I can’t see the issues you’re mentioning raised on the GH repo for the app? That would probably be the most appropriate place to post them.