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Just to let you all know.....

@ben @nickytonline and others:

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Three hours ago I forked Forem, asked GH support to detach fork, they happily did it, and now Im cloning it to my local dev machine.

Starting working on my version of it. Many things in my mind.

Will update this post.......


I decided to fork & detach simply because it turned up that Forem team lies constantly.

About being open-source, about being inclusive, about .... almost everything.


You can track progress here


Our goals:

  • change the name,
  • change license,
  • make Forem ( or whatever name we select ) fully open-source,
  • create working mobile apps ( Android / iOS )
  • make code portable,
  • improve code quality,
  • introduce new features.
  • rework/redesign many existing features,
  • follow our standards,

and much more.

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