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Free icons for your next project

Here some of the free icons we can use in any library for our next projects and do wish to credit the creator.

1. Hero Icons - Visit

Beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons, by the makers of Tailwind CSS. Simple to use.

2. Flaticon - Visit

The largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. More variants so more to choose from.

3. The Noun Project - Visit

The World’s Most Diverse and Extensive Icon Collection. Over 3 million unique and simple icons.

4. TablerIcons - Visit

Open source, fully customizable 1000+ icons.

5. Icons8 - Visit

The modern, unique set of icons in both SVG and png formats. Available in various styles.

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These are the various icon sets that I came across, feel free to add your favorite and go-to icons library in the comments below.

Note: Go through the website to learn about free licensing on illustrations that you use.

Happy coding!

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Great post. Here is an open source icons collection and tool for generating partial icon font or downloading icons as an image.

GitHub logo uuware / icons-font-customization

A collection of over 33,000 high-quality free svg icons and tools for generating customized icon font. All icons are completely free for personal or business requirements.


A collection of over 33,000 high-quality free svg icons and tools for generating customized icon font. All icons are completely free for personal or business requirements.
Open See all icons, to view all icons. You can change color, background color, size for icons and can search or cache selected results.
Update: Now you can download PNG, JPG, ICO and Apple ICNS image files directly from online.
🔶Desktop Application for Windows, Linux, MacOS is released, or goto Download Releases 🔶


🔶All icons collected here are completely free for your personal or business requirements.🔶
You can use this tool to combine / generate your own icon webfonts for your project from different sources.
This relevant license information is included in generated css file automatically.

Icon Collections:

  • ant-design-icons Source: visit, License: MIT
  • Bootstrap Icons Source: visit, License: MIT
  • BoxIcons Source: visit, License: CC 4.0