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Tim-Luca Lagmöller
Tim-Luca Lagmöller

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My semester break project: Unsilence


Unsilence is an open-source tool that removes silence from a media clip of your choice (audio, video).

You can use it to speed up videos without changing the audible speed, so you can understand everything, but get through a video faster.

Exemplary use cases

  • You are a college student and watch your lectures online (but have access to the video files). Instead of just increasing the playback speed to ~1.5x, you can remove
    the parts that do not contain any value, like your lecturer thinking or waiting for something. But instead of cutting out these silent parts, speeding them up by a
    different, much faster factor (think 6-8x) makes you still able to follow what is happening, so drawing or writing with no speech is sped up, which makes it far more pleasant to watch

  • You want a video editor that automatically cuts any time you talk (or make any sound). That could be useful for manual time lapses
    (you make a sound every time a short segment should be recorded), or for very fast jump cut videos with no manual editing required

  • You want to have some fun and remove all the audible parts from a video, leaving only the parts where nearly silent noises are in the video (breathing, writing, ...)

You can check it out here: GitHub

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Doaa Mahely

I really like this idea! I’ll check out the repo soon
How was your experience building it?