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ONE Web Development Kit, does it worth your attention?

lana_miro profile image Lana Miro ・4 min read

ONE is a unique membership service that offers you access to assets you need successful websites building. I think both web design new-comers and seasoned web designers will be happy. If you’re new to web design, this subscription offers you all web design tools you’ll ever need to create a site with ease. For designers, ONE provides unprecedented access to a huge assembly of themes and assets for $19/month. 

1. Product Features

ONE subscription downloaded products

  • CMS & WordPress Themes;

  • E-commerce Templates;

  • Potent Plugins;

  • Presentation Templates;

  • Collection of Graphics;

  • Unlimited Installations;

  • Free Hosting for One Year;

  • Round-the-clock Support.

2. Product Description

ONE is the new unique subscription that offers you to access a vast collection of themes, add-ons, and graphics. In fact, ONE is your universal getaway items offered in TemplateMonster marketplace, one of the top theme marketplaces worldwide.

Under ONE, you can freely access more than 1K present-day WordPress themes. Try on the designs you like before making your choice. Then, use the additional plugins and graphics provided to build a strong web presence in the shortest possible time. 

3. Highlights

What's Inside One?

With ONE, you get access to the exceptional collection of more than 8,500 web themes, templates, add-ons, and assets. Let us break down for you what is offered under the terms of this new subscription:

  • 1,050 Premium WordPress Themes;

  • 41 Plugins;

  • Ecommerce themes and add-ons (2K items);

  • Landing page themes (190 items);

  • Graphics (3,198 items);

  • HTML templates (1,065 items);

  • CMS templates (1,468 items);

  • 14 PowerPoint templates.

4. Flexible Licensing

Want to use your template for more than one website? Tired of purchasing extended licenses? Restrictive single-site licenses should no more concern you when you subscribe to ONE.

ONE offers you all the templates and assets under a multisite license. You can freely install any templates on any services as many times as you wish. This gives you the desired creative freedom and frees you from being limited to just one template for years. 

5. Optimal For Your First Web Presence

ONE is a subscription that offers you the full kit of tools you need to jump-start a high-converting website. With this subscription, you won't have to care about purchasing third-party plugins or impressive graphics. All these assets are already at your fingertips with ONE.

6. Extensive Support

TemplateMonster marketplace is famous for its supreme support. No other marketplace cares about its customers that much and offers so many guidance on building a website.

With ONE, you get access to tons of how-to guides and video tutorials. Moreover, you get unlimited 24/7 live chat, phone calls, and email support. This ensures that you'll hardly face any hardship when building your website.

7. Time-saving Services

Sometimes, building a website, it’s smart to outsource more complex customizations. Or you may just want to have your template installed or optimized in a certain way. With ONE, you can order customization services from some of the top web developers. You'll get the service provided with supreme care and within the shortest period of time.

8.Super-economy for Web Developers

Are you a web developer who needs fresh web themes for your projects? Stop paying for every template you purchase. Go for ONE subscription and save a large portion of your budget. It’s an amazing chance for you to have access to a huge and present-day collection of web design tools for $229 billed yearly. 

9. Constant updates

ONE offers you access to the collection of web design items that grow rapidly. New themes and assets are supplied on a daily basis. ONE membership ensures that you have access to the freshest web design items all year round. 

10. Prices That Make ONE Subscribers Happy

No doubt, the exclusive ONE subscription has a competitive price. The subscription is billed yearly and is worth $229. This means, that it will cost you only $19/month to access all the gorgeous WordPress, Joomla and e-commerce themes, plugins and graphics. So, it makes perfect sense to subscribe to ONE with multiple products instead of obtaining each item separately. 

11. Additional Features

1) Friendly Facebook Community;
2) 50% Discount For Exclusive Items Outside Membership;
3) unlimited Installations;
4) extensive Customer Care and Support.

Would you like to have a look at ONE?

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