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Ongoing & Upcoming Hackathons and Coding Challenges - November edition

Hackathons are a great place t learn, build, discover new ideas and make new friends too. You will also agree with me that empowerment of individuals is a key part of what makes open source community work, since in the end, innovations tend to come from small groups created during events like Hackathons.

In order for you to take part in a Coding and programming challenge, you will need to find a good event for you, which will not only give you exposure but also give you an opportunity to meet amazing team of developers globally.

We have a tone of links about this events, which may seem tiresome going through, in this article I have collected a list of Hackathons happening this November, which is a result of organizations who have teamed up to create opportunities for developers to not only learn but also win amazing gift and swag 😍, who doesn't love them.

So! What upcoming and ongoing events do we have going on this month? Let's find out:

Hackathons happening this November

1️⃣. GitHub Actions Hackathon. (Global)

2️⃣. BIAL Genie Hackathon (Global)

3️⃣. Athena Hackathon (Global)

4️⃣. EdTech Virtual Hackathon 2021 (Global)

5️⃣ Blockchain & AI Virtual Hackathon 2021 (Global)

6️⃣. Hackathon for Good (Global)

7️⃣. CodeKaya Hackathon1 2021 (Kenya)

8️⃣. Africa The Journey Hackathon 2021 (Africa)

9️⃣. Celo's Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon (Global)

🔟. Build The World with Hackathon (Global)

📌. Autonomous Shopper Prediction by Cape AI (South Africa)

📌. AfricaGIS 2021 HACKATHON (Africa)

📌. OctaHacks (Global)

📌. HackForTomorrow (Global)

📌. Build It (India)

For more upcoming Hackathons and Coding Challenges this month, See Devpost or Devfolio

Got another Hackathon happening you think is worth sharing, add it in the comments below and we will visit it.

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