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LaTeX: Importing Images

Hello, how are you? :)

Today I start with a new topic, Images.

The images are so important because you can illustrate your ideas which you are talking about or just add some color to your work.

I am going to talk about the basics of images in LaTeX, of course, in some posts we are going to learn how to mix images and tables to start putting together all the things we have learned.


If we want to put images in our document we need to import the graphicx package.

Supported formats

We have a lot of image formats, there are some packages to import different formats, here, we talk about eps, pdf, png, jpg. My suggestion is the following

  • eps and pdf for math figures
  • png and jpg for other images

But why? With the formats eps and pdf the image does not lose quality and it is optimized for diagrams and those little things. With png and jpg, we can have more details and are good for images

Importing images

We can import our image with

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Where fileName is the name of the file and ext is the extension, it is eps, pdf, png, jpg. In attributes we can set the height, width, angle, etc. So the entire command will be

\includegraphics[height=Xcm, width=Ycm]{myFile.ext}
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Where X and Y is the desired size.

In the next post, we are going to learn about the figure environment

Greetings :)

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