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Kubernate: generate k8s YAMLs with code

Kubernate Simple deployment

So what is Kubernate?

Think of it as a mix between Helm and Pulumi. It is a library that is used to generate Kubernetes YAML files with ease. Think like Helm but with actual code instead of templates. You have the power to generate anything you want while using any kind of input you want. Everything is evaluated at "build" time and the output is 100% static valid Kubernetes YAML. You also get to leverage the tooling built for Typescript (which is actually very good) while building and DEBUGGING your deployments. You can also publish "libraries" built with Kubernate to NPM and other Kubernate-based projects can use them as building blocks.

There is no programming model to speak of :) just write code and use it. In the end, the tool runs the code :) You can even skip this step and just build the Typescript into javascript and run it with Node. You can even make your own app on top of Kubernate to manage your deployments.

It is written in Typescript and it is very easy to use. It is also very easy to learn and understand. Everything is typed! Just follow the IntelliSense.

Checkout the Github repo or the homepage for more.

You can join our Discord Community server ( to get new updates about development and also talk to the contributors for any questions you might have :)

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Cristian Toba

I was tired of dealing with Helm charts, tried Pulumi but it's so slow and the Input/Output model was giving me such a hard time and this saved my sanity. It's just so simple, I have IntelliSense (no more copy-pasting YAML that I have no idea about) and the ease to maintain your infrastructure is just awesome. I recommend to anyone to give it a spin and try it for themselves.