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Unpublished you plan on returning to them?

I'm curious how many people have started a post and not published. If you have, what state is the post in?

Did you finish it and you're afraid to publish?

Did you get busy and it's incomplete?

Did you lose interest in the topic?

Did you see someone else post and worry that your content was too similar?

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Molly Struve (she/her)

All of the above!

I literally have a post that is sitting unpublished for every one of those reasons. I think most of my posts though, sit because I write them in chunks over time. I throw content on the page, then a day or two later come back and refine it and repeat that cycle a few times until the post is ready. I only have 30 min to an hour to write most of the time so that process works for me.

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Anna Buianova

I work on posts in a similar way and I found this way to be even better than writing all at once because I get a fresh view each time.
My problem is my chunks of time are often too far away from each other :D

rachelsoderberg profile image
Rachel Soderberg

I only start a draft the week I plan to release it, after I chose that week's topic, so I don't have any unpublished posts. But I do have a list of maybe 10 post ideas/skeletons that I will eventually work my way through - maybe in the next 10 weeks ;)

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Robin Kretzschmar

Many of the points fit. Sometimes I create a draft with just the topic, add content over time and then see someone posted a similar topic and (in my opinion) much better explained.

So I throw the draft away or let it sit there.

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Anna Buianova

I have a lot of drafts and notes for possible posts. Most of them are far from being complete. Maybe I'll return to them, maybe not.
The reasons are typically both lack of enthusiasm and being busy. If I finish a post, no matter if I'm afraid or not, I'll publish it. The hard part is working on the post and editing it.

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Samuel Nitsche

I have at the moment 12 drafts in my wordpress post archive, some with rough ideas, some with parts I removed from other posts, one or two are maybe 20% done.
For I'm a bit perfectionist when it comes to storytelling, publishing a half done post is not an option, though I learned to get shorter with my #100CodeExamples challenge.

I guess I will revisit most drafts someday...

jacobmgevans profile image
Jacob Evans

Nope. Maybe... No. Yes... Mmm..noyes.

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mike dg

I plan on returning, I just can't find them :/

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mike dg • Edited

I found them! but still didn't finish them

jessekphillips profile image
Jesse Phillips

I have some I didn't feel I was doing the subject justice. Deleted some, left a few and that may get finished or deleted.

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